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With over 50 years of innovation and excellence, OTS Group is dedicated to providing top-tier vehicle and machinery transport services across New Zealand.

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Our Story:

Established over 50 years ago, OTS Group has cemented its legacy as a leading force in New Zealand’s transport industry. From humble beginnings to becoming a pivotal player in vehicle and machinery transport, our journey is one of innovation, growth, and unwavering commitment to service excellence. Our family-owned roots have grounded us in values of integrity and reliability, guiding our expansion and shaping our approach to every challenge.

Throughout the decades, we’ve adapted to the evolving needs of our customers, investing in state-of-the-art technology and expanding our service offerings. This adaptability and forward-thinking mindset have positioned us as trusted partners for countless businesses and individuals across the nation, setting new benchmarks in the transport sector.

Our Mission and Values:

Our mission at OTS Group is to deliver unparalleled transport solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We are driven by a set of core values that emphasize professionalism, safety, and customer-first service. These principles are the foundation of our operations, inspiring us to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships with our clients.

We believe in the power of innovation and continuous improvement, striving to enhance our services and operations. Our dedication to ethical practices and community engagement further demonstrates our commitment to making a positive impact, both within the industry and beyond.

Our Team:

The OTS Group team is our greatest asset, composed of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in transport and logistics. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring we deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Our drivers, operators, and support staff undergo rigorous training and continuous development to stay at the forefront of industry standards. Their expertise and dedication are evident in every job, contributing to our reputation as a leader in the transport sector.”

Why Choose Us:

Choosing OTS Group means partnering with a company that prioritises your needs and delivers consistent, high-quality service. Our comprehensive range of transport and storage solutions, combined with our customer-centric approach, makes us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Our ability to customise services to meet the unique demands of our clients, coupled with our track record of reliability and excellence, sets us apart. We are not just a service provider; we are partners in your success, committed to achieving the best outcomes for your transport needs.

Our Future:

Looking ahead, OTS Group is poised for continued growth and innovation. Our vision for the future includes expanding our services, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and enhancing our sustainability practices. We are dedicated to leading the way in the transport industry, setting new standards for service and efficiency.

As we move forward, our focus remains on delivering exceptional value to our clients, investing in our team, and contributing positively to our communities. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are committed to navigating the future with the same integrity and excellence that have defined our past.

Driving Excellence, Delivering Reliability - OTS Group, your trusted partner in transport solutions for over five decades.

Trusted by Our Clients

"I used OTS for transporting my classic car to a show in Christchurch, and I couldn't be happier. Their attention to detail and care for my vehicle was exceptional. It arrived in perfect condition, and their communication throughout was top-notch."
– Amelia R.
"The Customer Service from your tow truck driver was exceptional. I really appreciated his help, kindness and great aptitude to make sure myself and two children were o.k. as we broke down in a rural area and got towed back to Auckland. Great customer service - thanks OTS."
- Helene R
"We needed to move some heavy machinery for our construction project, and OTS's service was flawless. The team handled everything professionally, from logistics to the safe transport of our equipment. Highly recommended for any heavy transport needs."
- Liam G