For any business or corporate OTS can tailor a solution to suit your vehicle and machinery transport and/or storage needs, from booking jobs electronically to emailing delivery confirmation and an invoice the following day.

OTS in partnership with Fujitsu New Zealand Ltd has developed a state-of-art technological platform for delivery and management of critical service provision with a high degree of consistency and reliability. The MetroMaster job management system is a fully integrated transport software application and works in tandem with our Eroad in-cab units.

The system enables OTS Call Centre Representatives to rapidly populate job bookings and consignment fields from customers fleet information (fleet numbers etc) with preconfigured weights and sizes to preallocate specific transporters for different types of vehicles and machinery. Email addresses can be set up so customers receive delivery confirmation status from the second our operator clears the job from his in-truck Samsung tablet. OTS can also offer daily, weekly or monthly reports for every transport shift which can assist to keep track of large fleet movements or reconciliation of accounts.

Benefits of using OTS as a preferred supplier

Flexiable Reporting – by day, week or month tailored to customer’s requirements:

  • All jobs
  • Total amount spent
  • Order numbers
  • OTS job numbers
  • Pick Up and Drop off addresses.
  • Time of booking and time of delivery.

Skilled staff:

  • OTS has a comprehensive health and safety policy and is ACC fleet saver and WSMP accredited.
  • Our in-house training manager trains staff and ensures they have license endorsements appropriate to the job being undertaken.
  • All machinery driver/operators are Elevated Work Platform accredited.
  • Staff in Auckland and Christchurch are inducted in relevant Port procedures.

Management’s commitment:

  • OTS is committed to working as a partner alongside its customers to promote your business, which in turn promotes OTS as a leading service provider.
  • OTS is committed to providing a professional, cost effect and compliant service to all its customers.

The use of fleet numbers:

  • No need for descriptions of machinery or weights when booking jobs.
  • We can search our data base for all jobs by customer’s fleet number, order number or date.

Booking of jobs/consignments by:

  • Phone call 24/7
  • Email 24/7 (by email you will receive an email confirmation of job)
  • OTS online booking


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